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Camp Kindness Counts is excited to announce our first FREE summer camp.

This is a community-led camp and can ONLY run if we have the support of parent/caregiver and teen volunteers to lead the camp with us.  Let's support our community together!


This camp character development service camp will be primarily led by parents, caregivers and teens. We aim to inspire a generation of kind, confident leaders, and support our community in a collaborative way. We believe in the power of Kindness and the strengths each individual has to contribute to the world.  With this in mind, Camp Kindness Counts is inviting the community to share their passions and ideas with each other by helping to run this community-led camp! Now, more than ever, we need to equip kids with tools that can help foster happiness and strength with a handful of kindness. Let's do this together! 

Who: Children Ages 5-10 

When: August 8 - August 1, 2022 

                 9:30 am - 2:00 pm


  East Shore Unitarian Church

   12700 SE 32nd St

   Bellevue, WA 98005


Cost: FREE!

Daily activities include:

  • self-compassion breathing techniques

  • mindful movement exercises

  • projects focused on character development (forgiveness, generosity, awareness, etc.)

  • service towards others

  • games, arts/crafts

  • daily reflection

How can your kid attend camp for free?


Choose one of the two kindness service options below:

Option A:  Help LEAD half a day of camp with your child using the support of CKC volunteers.

  • We will provide you with ideas for games and kindness projects! 

  • You and your child can lead 1 game and 1 project (example game: red light/green light, freeze tag, bingo example projects: making cat or dog toys, using recycled material for an art, painting, making cards for healthcare workers)

  • You will provide any supplies but we may be able to contribute supplies depending on your project idea and our supply inventory!


Option B:  Complete the following by July 8th

1. Watch a pre-recorded 45 min. character-building workshop video and share thoughts with us!

2. Read an article about fostering forgiveness in children and share your thoughts with us!

3. Do an act of service with family or friends! Share pics or what you did with us and others!   


Information will be emailed to you once you sign up.  If you have any questions please email         


Sign up below!

Interested in volunteering as a camp counselor?  Email us at

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