Camp Kindness Counts offers an after-school enrichment program called "CKC Super Heroes." We believe that all kids are capable of being kindness superheroes in their schools and communities, if only we work to preserve their innate desire to help those in need, connect authentically with friends and neighbors, practice self-awareness, and share kind words and actions.


Our curriculum revolves around mindfulness practices, character building, school kindness projects, community service partnerships with local non-profits, and wraps up with a final project where the children think creatively to problem solve around a specific challenge in the community. 

This school year we are partnering with the Bellevue School District in providing after-school enrichment to the following schools:  Sherwood Forest, Ardmore, Stevenson and Lake Hills Elementary.

If your school is interested in our enrichment we welcome your PTSA of parents to use our KIND WORLD EXPLORER activity guidebook and start your own afterschool class!  Resources are limited and FREE.

Schools we have worked with:

Medina Elementary

Medina, WA

Sherwood Forest Elementary

Bellevue, WA


Eton Elementary

Bellevue, WA


Cherry Crest Elementary

Bellevue, WA

Puesta Del Sol Elementary 

Bellevue, WA

John Stanford International School

Seattle, WA


Phantom Lake Elementary

Bellevue, WA





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