Building Kind, Courageous Kids!

 Creating a kinder world   Social justice class

Who:    Ages 7-9


When:  December 4th, 2020 

           2pm - 2:35pm


Where:  Online - Outschool!


Supplies Needed:

- 5 sheets of paper


-crayon/markers/colored pencils

Activities include:

1. 3-5 minutes on self-compassion breathing techniques

2.15-20 minutes on kindness projects/ and/or crafts that related to the topic. (slides will be used to explain this)

3. 5-10 minutes on games or reflection!

Cost:  $11 

Kids Blowing Bubbles

We believe in the power of kindness!


Now more than ever we need to equip kids with tools that can help foster happiness and strength with a handful of kindness. We are in this together and here to support you. The need for kindness in our world increases everyday, and the best way for us to see more kindness in our communities is to create and celebrate it! Young children are capable of putting values such as kindness into action through social justice and demanding change to make the world a better place for everyone. 

This Social Justice class will be an introduction class, watch out for our multi-day classes!


*Our first class will be centered around safe and respectful ways to help someone who is not being treated fairly.


We will teach your children:

1. How to understand the power of their voice and actions.

2. Safe and respectful ways to help others.

3. How to problem solve in difficult situations.

We hope to see you online this fall/winter and if you can't make it we'll send kind thoughts your way!


Kids for Peace

We got This!