"Parents should focus on their kids being caring because it's the right thing to do but also because it can give their kids an important and positive source of happiness. "           

       - Richard Weissbourd, Harvard psychologist



Teaching kids the idea of forgiveness can be accomplished with tools.  Learn how others have shown the success of introducing kids to the idea of forgiveness and the benefits of teaching forgiveness to our children. 

Click here to access this article published by Greater Good Science Center. 

A 2014 report from the Making Caring Common Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education revealed a disconnect between how much parents care about their kids being kind and how much kids think that they value it.

Research shows nearly all parents report viewing kind character development in children as “very important, if not essential.”

But when asked about their perception of their parents’ values, only “19% viewed car...

Elders have a lot of wisdom to share with everyone! They have lived for a long time, and deserve respect, kindness and support, like everyone else does! However, sometimes seniors end up forgotten in elderly homes and rarely get visited. It is important that we teach kids from a young age about the special places elders have in our lives. As parents take care of their kids, one day those parents will become seniors and may nee...

At Camp Kindness Counts, we are all about using the power of awareness to open new doors and opportunities to kindness. Once you recognize the places where compassion and connection can happen, you can move into kind action! 

Here are some ideas of places to keep your attention lingering this week to see what opportunities for sharing kindness arise. 

Who Is Helping?

From mail carriers and delivery couriers, t...

Empathetic Parenting is the opposite of Punitive Parenting. Empathetic Parenting connects to the underlying feelings and motivations underneath the child's behavior, rather than to the parent's need for the unwanted behavior to be simply eliminated. Empathetic Parenting involves parents guiding children into emotions awareness, so it sets kids up to better understand their own emotions, too. Parenting empathetically, you can h...

In honor of our upcoming Winter Break Camp, which is all about compassion to and from animals, here are some great opportunities in the Greater Seattle Area for families!

Check out these opportunities to get involved with non-profit organizations that work for the welfare of animals and on educating the public about safe and positive ways to connect with animals.

Bow Wows and Books - Project Canine


Gratitude is a powerful character trait! It increases resilience, positive emotions, patience, generosity, feelings of connectedness, and compassion. 

This time of year can be especially challenging for families to find gratitude in amidst the bustle of wish lists, gift giving, and stuffed shopping mall parking lots. But this season can be a reminder of everything we are thankful for, as well. Here are a few ideas to help harne...

Emotional intelligence is important, according to Tech Savvy momma in this post on how to teach compassion, empathy, and kindness.  Taking the time to improve our children's emotional intelligence (EQ) can be done through media.  This article cites specific shows and movies that can be used with your children to enhance their EQ.

Author Jane Meredith Adams gives some easy ways to integrate teaching compassion in your children's lives.  This article gives suggestions on ways you can raise a more empathetic child - "in small doses" to all ages.


Empathy is a skill that can make young people more productive in work environments that require cooperation, and in a global economy that becomes more complex with each passing day. It is what turns today’s students into future leaders.


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Do you have a suggestion for those seeking acts of kindness ideas for children or parents?  How has practicing or recieving kindness changed your day?  Share your story, share your suggestion.





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