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Building Kind, Courageous Kids!

Who:    Ages 6 - 11 (Children will be assigned to different zoom-rooms based on age)


When:  July - 5, 2020 


 9:30am -11:00am


Where:  Online!


Daily Requirements:

- download latest Zoom version 5.5

- 5 sheets of paper


-crayon/markers/colored pencils

Cost:  $50  - enroll below!

 character building

   online summer camp

Creating a kinder world

Social Justice camp

Who:    Ages 10 - 13*


When:  August 3 - 5 , 2020 


12:00pm - 2:00pm


Where:  Online!


Daily Requirements:

- download latest Zoom version 5.5

- 5 sheets of paper


-crayon/markers/colored pencils

Cost:  $50  - enroll below!

*The material introduced in this camp is geared towards kids ages 10-13, however if campers older than 13 would like to enroll in our camp they are more than welcome to join!

Kids Blowing Bubbles
Kids for Peace

We got This!

We believe in the power of kindness! 

Now more than ever we need to equip kids with tools that can help foster happiness and strength with a handful of kindness.  We are in this together and here to support you.

Please consider joining us online this summer. By supporting us, please know the only thing on our minds is supporting you!

Daily schedule:

  • Monday - How to be an Upstander

  • Tuesday - Learning about Legislation

  • Wednesday - Impacting your Community

Daily activities include:

  • self-compassion breathing techniques

  • mindful movement exercises

  • kindness projects and/or crafts

  • games and reflection!

  • guest speakers

Daily Themes: Creating a Kinder World (Social Justice Camp)

The need for kindness in our world increases everyday, and the best way for us to see more kindness in our communities is to create and celebrate it! Camp Kindness Counts recognizes and stands by Black Lives Matter and their message. Young children are capable of putting values such as kindness into action through social justice and demanding change to make the world a better place for everyone. Our interns, Melany and Elise, are high school students who feel passionately about teaching younger audiences how they can do exactly that. Please join us in one of our Social Justice online camps from August 3-5, the first created with 7-9 year olds in mind, and the second for 10-13 year olds, where Melany and Elise will lead different conversations and activities each day. Subjects will include Bystander Intervention Training and learning how to stand up for what you believe in, learning how to make young voices heard through letter writing and contacting legislators, and how to be an active member of your community. 

We hope to see you online this summer and if you can't make it we'll send kind thoughts your way!


Register Summer 2020


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