Camp Kindness Counts is now offering FREE Virtual Family Service Events!


Here is what a Virtual Family Service Event will look like: 

1. Every month, we will plan a different community service opportunity while practicing a specific character strength.

2. Families will complete the community service on their own prior to our online meeting date. 

3. Families can then join us for a 20 min reflection time virtually to share the service we did, how we felt, and how we can continue building on our character and helping others. 


Come join Camp Kindness Counts as we spread kindness and build community throughout the year! 


time of giving

Are there items around your home which you feel could be helpful to someone in the community who is in need? Maybe you have gently used socks and hats which can be given to someone experiencing homelessness. Could you give cans of food or make a meal for those hungry this holiday season?


Join us in practicing generosity this month. Collect or make something and drop it off at a local shelter or give it to someone hungry and without a home in the community! 

This event is open to families globally. For those living in the Greater Seattle area here are some shelters accepting donations or meals:

1.Mary’s Place

2.Sophia Way

3.Friends of Youth

During your service reflect on the character strength of generosity, how you are practicing it, how you feel and the impact you are making on others. Then join us virtually for the community reflection time!


Virtually connect with a senior

Want to help spread love in our world? Take the time to show a senior you were thinking about them and care about their happiness by talking to them! Expressing your kindness and compassion is a way to practice love. Who knows, during your conversation you may learn something new and feel some love back! 

Join us in practicing love this month. Make time to talk to a senior who may be feeling lonely. Notice what you may learn from their experiences and enjoy each other's kindness. 

This event is open to families globally.

During your time with the elderly, think about how love impacts your own life. Join us virtually to reflect on our service as a group!


Make Gratitude cards

One of the best ways to put a smile on someone's face is by giving them a gratitude card. Help make the people in your community smile by giving them a card that shows how much you appreciate them!

Join us as we practice gratitude this month by making gratitude cards for people in our community. You could make gratitude cards for people around your community like the cashier at a grocery store, neighbor, teacher, or the postal carrier. 

This event is open to families globally.


While you make gratitude cards, notice how you feel and think about how the receiver will feel once they get your card!  Join us for virtual reflection time with a group! 

These events are made possible by generous volunteers and staff members. The commitment you make by registering to these FREE community events is strong.


If plans change and you are unable to make it, please let us know via email at

            Thank you for Making Kindness a Priority!

Some of our Incredible Partners Include:






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