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June Family Community Service Report

Our June Service Event happened at a farm, where we learned about their organic, regenerative and sustainable ways of operation. We are thankful that Ecoblibrum Farms gave us a chance to learn so much about farming and caring for nature. We know our service today helped not just care for plants and soil in the farm, but also helped those benefiting from the healthy produce that will follow.

We had a conversation reflecting as a group on how we helped today and how we can help some more in the future! We also discussed the character strengths we admired among the members of our group when doing this kind of work, especially compassionate love. Contrary to what many may believe, compassion is considered to be like a muscle that, as any other, can be strengthened with relevant exercises—or can deteriorate and atrophy.

Ecolibrium Farms offer opportunities year-round for anone to volunteer at their farms in many different ways. Click here if you are interested in volunteering with them!

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