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Kind World Explorers
Each guidebook contains 6 activities for a specific character strength. Participants work through 3 themes (My World, Your World and Our World), initially practicing the character strength with a focus on themselves and then slowly towards those in world.
Each activity contains a learning objective, CASEL Social and Emotional Learning competencies and additional ways to continue practicing these skills as a family.  Participants may use the Kind World Explorers PASSPORT as a reflection tool to share their experiences and feelings during their journey as Kind World Explorers!
Your purchase will help us to sustain our programming and offerings to youth, families and educators.  If you do not have the financial means to purchase these resources please contact us directly and we'd be happy to help you. These resources may not be used for profit. Schools and School Districts, please inquire with us directly for use:
Thank you for helping to foster kindness in our world!


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