Come join Camp Kindness Counts as we spread kindness and community building throughout the year. 

Our events range from family + community building, multicultural events, and community service projects. We hope you can join us soon for one of our events!

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Our December Family Service Event was incredible!

We helped to feed 300 people who were hungry and without a home! The kids and parents were incredible, helping to provide for so many people in need in just one hour. During our time together, we talked about our purpose and humility. We discussed how there is so much that we can learn from each other, including from those who are facing hardship.

Join us for our next service eve...

Thank you to our amazing volunteers who joined us for our November family service event! 

We cleaned and prepared baby dolls provided to children in need by Eastside Baby Corner! Afterwards, we toured their facilities to learn more about their incredible work serving families in the community. We are so proud of all of volunteers and their contributions towards helping every child have a happy holiday season. 


Thank you to everyone who joined us for our October family service event! 

Through making and using our Mindful Meemees, we had an incredible time learning about the power of compassion towards ourselves. We practiced belly breathing and using positive affirmations as well! We also showed kindness to others by making kindness cards to give to strangers. 

A huge thank you to Dr. Fidler from Factoria Orthodontics for te...

A huge shoutout to our September Service Event volunteers for generously caring for the chickens at Pasado's Safe Haven! Families made sticks covered with seeds and mealworms for the chickens to feed on and gathered moss for their home. They also had a chance to spread care and attention towards the other farm animals on site, such as the pigs! 

Afterwards, we discussed the value of generosity and learned how taking the ti...

Our August Service Event volunteers did an incredible job cleaning up Golden Gardens Beach and maintaining its beauty for all to enjoy! They helped to protect the local wildlife and preserve the environment by picking up all kinds of garbage, even old rusty pipes, cigarettes, dog waste bags, and more. 

Afterwards, we discussed the character strength of compassionate love and how we demonstrated our love for the environment, wil...

Our July Service Event volunteers created amazing kindness rocks to bring happiness to strangers! After decorating rocks with art and heartfelt messages, each volunteer left two rocks at Grass Lawn Park for anyone to find and brought one home to give to someone they knew. Our service today was an opportunity to radiate joy to those within our immediate communities and those outside of it. 

Afterwards, we reflected on how w...

Our June Service Event happened at a farm, where we learned about their organic, regenerative and sustainable ways of operation. We are thankful that Ecoblibrum Farms gave us a chance to learn so much about farming and caring for nature. We know our service today helped not just care for plants and soil in the farm, but also helped those benefiting from the healthy produce that will follow.

We had a conversation reflecting as a...

Our May Service Event was directed to collect items to donate to Eastside Baby Corner. The Bellevue YMCA was kind enough to allow us to use a room to make crafts, encouraging cards,and collect donations for children helped by the EBC. Together, we gathered items to help bring happiness to children we might never meet!

We had a conversation reflecting as a group on how we helped today and how we can help some more in the future!...

Forterra/Green Redmond welcomed us to Perrigo Park, and provided us with working gloves and tools. Together, we helped maintain one of the many natural areas we are lucky (and grateful) to have on the Eastside.

We had a conversation reflecting as a group on how we helped today and how we can help some more in the future! We also discussed the character strengths we admired among the members of our group when doing this kind of...

Our March family service event got us busy interacting with the seniors at Sunrise Bellevue! We played bingo, cards, board games, and even guitar with the seniors, who were very happy with our visit. Many smiles were shared!

We had a conversation reflecting as a group on how we helped today and how we can help some more in the future! We also discussed the character strengths we admired among the members of our group when doing...

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