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Spreading Kindness, Love, and Learning to Zimba


Sichimwa Primary School

All is Attained through Learning

Mrs. Lubinda and Dhaarmika

Anick Lubinda and Dhaarmika in Zimba

Anick Lubinda has supported her community in many other ways as well.  She empowers woman to support their families, end poverty, and improve agriculture in rural Zimba. Read more HERE!

Sichimwa Primary School is located in a rural village of Zimba, Zambia in Southern Africa. It was founded by a group of mothers led by Anick Lubinda about 20 years ago.  At that time there was no school in their village. 


The mothers felt education was important and understood if they could read this would open opportunities to support their community. Anick Lubinda and a few other women started by creating a literacy club for mothers.  They then advocated for their children as they felt youth empowerment and education were essential for a positive and productive future. Eventually a school was built in their village!

In 2022 the school had 381 students, today they have 416 students! 

The number of students wanting to learn is increasing and the school cannot accommodate more students.

This means if the oldest students want to continue learning they have to walk 7km to another school. Due to the distance and safety many children do not continue their education.
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Dhaarmika's two daughters with the headmistress of Sichimwa Primary School, Miss. Masialeti Mukelabai

How you can Help
All of our offering at Camp Kindness Counts are free are possible with the support of volunteers.  If this kindness initiative resonates with you or your family we welcome you to join in on the project. We will work with Nekacheya Primary School's founders, who have a relationship with the Zimba community, to support Sichimwa Primary School through youth empowerment initiatives, literacy education and building a structure which houses 3 classroom. The classrooms will be multipurpose classrooms so they will also include a space for a library, computers and teacher supplies.  At this stage in the project, we need to raise funds for the construction of the classrooms and supplies such as tables, chairs, chalk board as well as books, paper and pencils.  

Project Time Line
January-July 2024

  • $13,000 will help to begin base construction, transportation of materials, communication and youth empowerment resources and educational supplies

  • Partner with other nonprofits and invite individuals and families to donate directly to Nekacheya School to complete remaining school construction needs and beginning planning of the computer lab area.  Approximately $10,000 will be needed

  • Construction will begin as soon as $2000 is raised

  • Funding will be sent in installments.  As construction continues pictures of the progress of the project will be shared with you!

​July-December 2024​​

  • Plan for sourcing laptops and small portable solar panel chargers

  • Plan for prepping surrounding area of classroom to minimize dust to protect computers​​

  • Plan for volunteers to sign up for virtual service: read to students, engage in cross-cultural learning, do an activity together


  • Volunteers plan out and engage in virtual service and cross cultural education 

  • ​Volunteers help create partnerships with other organizations to support the school's ongoing supply and basic needs

  • Volunteers assist with further planning of computer lab


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