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Spreading Kindness, Love, and Learning to Zimba


Sichimwa Primary School

All is Attained through Learning

Mrs. Lubinda and Dhaarmika

Anick Lubinda and Dhaarmika in Zimba

Anick Lubinda has supported her community in many other ways as well.  She empowers woman to support their families, end poverty, and improve agriculture in rural Zimba. Read more HERE!

Sichimwa Primary School is located in a rural village of Zimba, Zambia in Southern Africa. It was founded by a group of mothers led by Anick Lubinda about 20 years ago.  At that time there was no school in their village. 


The mothers felt education was important and understood if they could read this would open opportunities to support their community. Anick Lubinda and a few other women started by creating a literacy club for mothers.  They then advocated for their children as they felt youth empowerment and education were essential for a positive and productive future. Eventually a school was built in their village!

In 2022 the school had 381 students, today they have 416 students! 

The number of students wanting to learn is increasing and the school cannot accommodate more students.

This means if the oldest students want to continue learning they have to walk 7km to another school. Due to the distance and safety many children do not continue their education.
Screenshot 2023-12-23 at 9.57.40 AM.png

Dhaarmika's two daughters with the headmistress of Sichimwa Primary School, Miss. Masialeti Mukelabai

How you can Help

All of our offerings at Camp Kindness Counts are free are possible with the support of volunteers.  If this kindness initiative resonates with you or your family we welcome you to join in on the project.

1.  Join our fundraising team!  We are currently raising funds for the construction of a new building that will house 3 multipurpose classrooms, library, and computer lab.  We are also raising funds for classroom supplies and learning resources.


2.  Help us spread the word!  Share the link to our website with friends and family and follow along with us on Instagram, we love to share our progress and updates!


3.  Connect with other nonprofits!  We invite companies/individuals to partner with us to reach our future goals of solar energy, clean water, agriculture, and technology.


4.  Donors also have the option to donate directly to Nekacheya Primary School, our primary partner for Project Zimba.


We will work with Nekacheya Primary School's founders, who have a relationship with the Zimba community, to support Sichimwa Primary School through youth empowerment initiatives, literacy education and building a structure which houses 3 classrooms.  We will also be partnering with other nonprofit organizations and private funders to support the needs of this project. If funds permit, we will explore additional ways to support the students and school community.  

Project Time Line

All the funds raised will go towards the construction of a school building, technology, student and school supplies (books, tables, white/chalk boards, garden, sports equipment, health related items etc.), shipping, transportation, logistics and planning over the span of this project which includes this year and future years.

January-July 2024

  • Establish Project Zimba

  • Launch Fundraising Campaign via GiveButter

  • Partner with Nekacheya Primary School

  • Finalize plans for construction and identify contractor/builder

  • Determine needs for youth empowerment resources and educational supplies

  • Goal is to start construction once $2,000 has been raised

  • Partner with other nonprofits and invite private funders to assist with construction, solar/electricity, literacy and technology needs.

  • Funding will be sent in installments.  As construction continues pictures of the progress of the project will be shared on our social media!

​July-December 2024​​

  • Train teachers and students in phonics/phonemic awareness (beginner reading)

  • Research plans for classroom technology and solar energy needs

  • Inquire into maintenance needs of existing school structures 

  • Establish plans for an agricultural area to allow students to learn about farming

  • Research a solution for clean drinking water and water reticulation system

  • Develop plans for virtual learning with volunteers  


  • Launch virtual learning program through Camp Kindess Counts

  • Establish volunteer base and partnerships to maintain long term support​​

  • Reassess technology and supply needs in the computer lab and library.

  • Reassess potential additional classroom construction needs


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