Camp Kindness Counts believes in the power of kindness within kids and families to create a happier, healthier and stronger world. When we formed in 2012, the response from the parents surprised us and the reactions from the kids inspired us. Who knew that taking the time out to show kids how their simple acts of kindness could make a positive impact around them, would make them feel like “superheroes”, like they were important and their thoughts and actions mattered!  We became a 501c3 nonprofit organization in 2014 and have expanded greatly to schools and within communities since then.


We are committed to providing tools for character development which help foster social emotional well-being and opportunities for service and social action to help build a generation of compassionate, strong leaders and community members.  Families and youth of all ages build on crucial character strengths, such as compassion, perseverance and forgiveness, while making a difference in themselves and in turn the community. We aim to build on a culture of kindness in our schools and communities and we believe youth and families, when inspired and empowered, are the people who can help make this happen! TOGETHER we can put kindness and our character at the forefront and watch our family, school, work and community life flourish!

We empower kids to embrace their authentic selves through mindfulness, enable them to make a positive impact in their communities through kindness, and inspire them to shape an empathetic world culture as confident, compassionate leaders.  




We envision a world where young people feel confident, curious, and productive. These youth will lead their communities and schools to adopt a culture of kindness and compassion.



  • Listen deeply to the thoughts, feelings, and ideas of kids

  • Foster connected and supportive communities across parents, schools, and kids

  • Nurture ourselves and those around us through compassion and mindfulness

  • Inspire leadership by nourishing creativity and acts of kindness 

  • Express joy and gratitude through our thoughts, words, and actions

  • Embrace a worldview where each person can make an impact locally and globally





I will never forget my first train ride in India.  As I finished reading my magazine and placed it on my lap the man sitting next to me said nothing and reached an open hand in my direction, asking me for my newspaper.  So I responded with, “oh yeah sure” and gave it to him.  It was a strange feeling, to just give something of mine away to a stranger who did not want to really talk to me but just have something that belonged to me.  After the man finished reading it, he then gave it to another man sitting in front of him…. without asking me!  I wondered, hmm what's happening?  I was not upset, I just thought it was strange as I’d never experienced this before.  Then that man proceeded to share the magazine with a third stranger.  By the end of the ride and 8 strangers later, the magazine magically returned back to me!  It was really….. amazing, strangers sharing with strangers and not uttering a word.  My first reaction was wow, that is really cool and really nice!  There was an interaction taking place in that train compartment which seemed to just be "a way of life", it was a culture of Kindness.


It is so strange to know you have not experienced such a simple kindness…. strange and surprising.


About 12 years later (summer of 2012), I remembered this experience of sharing and act of kindness and thought if a simple of act of kindness can stay with someone that long, kindness is pretty powerful!  I wanted my own children to have many experiences of kindness and empathy and knew other parents valued living somewhere that encompassed a culture of kindness too and so Camp Kindness Counts was born!  I thought it would be wonderful to see children connecting to their community with kindness and making a difference.  Two years later I saw the need for us to expand and reach more kids and families and decided to make Camp Kindness Counts a non-profit organization.  Now we have a village of awesome partners, parents, educators and teenagers excited to help teach kids how their acts of kindness can positively impact themselves and others and how they can be THE positive change in this world.  I would love for not only my generation but also the ones to follow, to experience many random acts of kindness, just like the one I experienced on that train ride in India.


Let’s Connect with Kindness!

Dhaarmika Coelho

Founder, Director






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