Kind World Explorers  


What is Camp Kindness Counts?

Camp Kindness Counts is a grassroots nonprofit focusing on character development, community service, and social emotional well-being for kids and families alike. The Kind World Explorers™ Club is one of our programs that helps parents to foster character development in their children. Our other programs include monthly Family Service Events, Camps, and a character resource portal.


Is the Kind World Explorers Club an after-school club?  

This is not an after-school club, but it can be!  If enough parents are interested and your school administration/PTA has the resources and bandwidth, parents are welcome to use the Kind World Explorer resources and make it a free after-school activity at the school which is led by parents.  If you decide to use these resources and charge families, please contact us first for approval at


Is the Kind World Explorers Club free?

At this time, we are exploring ways to provide the Kind World Explorers™ Club curriculum and Kind World Passports™ for child participants as gift with donations or for a fee.  Donations are always needed and accepted. Click here if you would like to make a donation.  


Who runs the Kind World Explorers Clubs?

Kind World Explorers is simply a resource for families to use and form a club if they'd like, for those wanting to build community and engage with other kids and parents.  If a club is formed it would be a parent-led club, similar to other scouting models (such as Girl and Boy Scouts).  All activities are focused only on Character Development.  Parents make a plan and organize for their Kind World Explorers™ Clubs to meet a time and location convenient to them. Your Kind World Explorers™ Club can be just your family or it can consist of a group of families.  You can meet in your homes, at parks, churches, at school if there is available space-- any place convenient to you or your group!


Can you describe what the "club" looks like?  

Parents interested in using the Kind World Explorers™ guidebooks can form a club of their own with other interested parents. Kind World Explorers™ Clubs are parent led and can be held anywhere convenient to your family or your group of families.  Some parents and kids are meeting before or after school at school, at community centers, homes, houses of worship, and libraries!  This is not a class or program run by Camp Kindness Counts.


How many families can be in a Kind World Explorers Club?   

We have found that groups of 1-10 families work best for Kind World Explorers™ Clubs.  


How will club leaders be supported and is anything required of parents?  


Camp Kindness Staff will go over the curriculum (in person, over the phone, or over email) with parents interested in using the resource before their club begins. Kind World Explorers™ Club leaders are welcome to reach out with questions from Camp Kindness Counts staff at any time. 


We ask that a parent from each Kind World Explorers™ Club complete two short online surveys – an initial survey after the club has completed at least one activity from the curriculum guidebook, and a mid-point survey after the club has completed 4-5 activities. Parent feedback helps us make revisions and better support Kind World Explorers™ Club leaders in fostering a kinder world!


If your question is not answered here or on the About Kind World Explorers page, please email your question to and we’ll get back to you!






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