Dhaarmika Coelho

Founder & President

Dhaarmika Coelho is an educator, philanthropist and entrepreneur who has a great passion for children and community well being.  With a background in Elementary Education and Psychology she chose a journey as an elementary school teacher, driven to serve children from challenging environments/communities.  The past 20 years her primary focus has always been to empower her students while instilling empathy and kindness in them through practice.  Now in the greater Seattle Area, she continues her commitment to children's well being and building a culture of kindness and compassion in our schools and communities. Dhaarmika is excited to inspire and show kids how their thoughts, voices and actions can make a positive difference in this world!  In he free time she loves spending time with her family, hiking, traveling, dancing and serving in the community.

Khusbu Vyas

Board Secretary

Khushbu and her family have lived in Seattle for the past 11 years. She is a part time Physical Therapist and mother to two young human beings. Khushbu has always been interested in what Camp Kindness Counts stands for and enjoys volunteering and helping others. The biggest reason for joining this amazing group of individuals is to give back to the community, something she and her parents do on a daily basis. Her ultimate end goal is instilling empathy, community outreach and compassion in her own family's life through volunteer work at Camp Kindness Counts.

Amanda Thompson

Board Administrator

Amanda volunteers as a board member active with CKC administration and fundraising.  She spends her days as a Technical Program Manager at Microsoft, where she has been in various capacities for the past seven years.  Amanda is very active in Microsoft Give campaign and continually is looking for opportunities year round. Prior to working at Microsoft, Amanda spent time in the healthcare industry and was a US Peace Corps volunteer serving two years in Jamaica.  In her spare time, she enjoys being a mom to a very active, athletic son, volunteering for various organizations and spending time with family.  She is very excited to be part of the CKC board and create impact for children within the community.

Anmol Bhate

Board Co-Treasurer

Anmol is excited to be involved with Camp Kindness Counts and looks forward to serving the organization and community in his role. Anmol is also active at his school PTSA board and volunteers at school events and activities, and finds the experience very rewarding. Anmol and his family have lived in the Seattle area for 15 years. In a previous life, Anmol worked for nearly two decades in various roles across finance, engineering and operations. In his free time, Anmol loves to travel, run, read non-fiction and build on his home improvement skills

Pratik Gupta

Board Co-Treasurer

Pratik has a deep passion for Education and launching new things. He mentored economically challenged children as part of Teach India initiatives. Later, to make education affordable and accessible to low and middle-income students, he launched a non-profit EduNetworking and built a portal with free online tuition videos. Pratik used his savings to buy recorders and coordinated with NGOs in 10 cities to find volunteers to record videos. Together with the team, he added 3.5K videos for grades 6 - 12th and introduced regional language videos. Till date, 2M lectures have been delivered to 60K students, saving $1.5M in tuition expense. His team also collaborated with Open Source Education, an organization supported by the Govt. of India, to provide education to every strata of society. Pratik has an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and a B.Tech from IIT Madras. He is also an FRM Certified Financial Risk Manager. Currently, he is working with Microsoft as Program Manager and spends his free time reading and hiking the natural landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

Sarah Pallat

Community Relations

An elementary school teacher by training, Sarah has always been interested in bringing community together, specifically in ways which will impact children and families.  Sarah teaches with the Bellevue School District and has been a active community volunteer in the Greater Seattle Area.  She passionately researches ways to implement kindness and compassion for others into her parenting and teaching.  When she discovered Camp Kindness Counts and involved her kids in the programs it became evident through what they were learning (and living) that it was making an impact in their lives.  Sarah found the experience to be unique, important and something really special.  Sarah is grateful and excited to be on the board as a Community Relations member and to have the opportunity to spread compassion, kindness and love to and for all.

Monica Rodriguez Wilson

Program Development and Fundraising 

Monica’s passion for teaching originated in experiences growing up as the youngest of nine children in a small farming community. There she witnessed the transformative power of learning in the lives of children raised within challenging economic circumstances. Her family survived poverty by picking grapes under extreme conditions in Central California. That experience fueled Monica’s conviction for teaching, one that led her to earn a Master in Teaching degree from the University of Washington. Monica is also a National Board Certified teacher with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. She has been a classroom teacher since 2005, and prior she taught in after-school Spanish programs for children. Monica believes that modern education ought to encompass more than just academics, and that matters of the heart must be taken seriously and nurtured in young children. She has developed and implemented curriculum centered on social-emotional development and mindfulness that teaches children about kindness and compassion. Monica credits her mother for making a lasting impression on her life. Her mother’s wisdom and kindness are qualities that Monica continues to strive for in her daily life. In her spare time, Monica enjoys spending time with her daughter and two dogs. Monica is thrilled to be part of the Camp Kindness Counts team. She is confident that children will find empowerment and joy through small acts of kindness that will make our world a better place. It’s by giving and receiving those acts that people’s hearts are changed. 

Sonal Bharghava

Youth Advisor

Sonal has called the Greater Seattle area home for almost 20 years. She used to work as an actuary with Safeco and currently works at Microsoft. She finds the mission of Camp Kindness Counts inspiring and values it as a channel for her to contribute to the community. Encouraging kids to find their own voice and installing in them values of empathy and kindness is a very rewarding experience for her. In her office she is involved with clubs focused on empowering women to achieve more. She is a very creative problem solver and loves to try new things. In her free time she loves to read, travel and spend time with her two teenage daughters.

Pallavi Gajulla

Youth Advisor

I got involved with Camp Kindness Counts when I was looking for volunteer activities to do as a family.  It got my attention when simple activities such as making cards or memes were making a difference in other peoples lives to spread kindness. 

I’m currently one of the youth advisors at CampKindnessCounts and am very proud of the youth committee members. 

I’m also a mom of a teen and a tween.  I’ve been in the Seattle area for 20 years now and was at Microsoft as a software engineer for 15 years.  I love to travel, explore other cultures and enjoy different cuisines.  In my free time, I love to read, watch movies and go for walks.



Youth Committee

Aarushi is a Junior at Eastlake High School. She is serving her first year on the Camp Kindness Counts youth committee. She joined CKC because she understands the importance of kindness and how much it can impact people’s lives. She believes that an act of kindness is never wasted. It can be as little as putting a smile on someone’s face, which will not only make their day happy but yours as well. Outside of Camp Kindness Counts and school, Aarushi enjoys photography, playing guitar, baking and spending time with family and friends.  


Youth Committee

Vyakhya is a 8th grader who loves to read, bake, ride horses and robotics. She has been volunteering at Farrell McWhirter park for past two years and loves to work with animals. She joined Camp Kindness Youth Committee because she saw how even the smallest act of kindness can impact people’s life and she wanted to be part of spreading kindness in our world.


Youth Committee

I’m Vennela, a 10th grade student at Lake Washington High School. I’m currently on Camp Kindness Counts’ Youth Committee, where I have learned so much about kindness and its huge role in our life. I chose to join Camp Kindness Counts because I believe that everyone can play a part in bringing kindness to the world, no matter how small, including myself! In my free time, I like to draw, animate, read, and play video games.


Nilay Ravani

Financial Advisor

Nilay is a father of two who enjoys serving the youth in the community.  He believes in the mission of Camp Kindness Counts and its’ growing importance in today’s world. He hopes to share CKC’s message by contributing his financial expertise acquired at leading technology companies such as Intel, DemandTec, and IBM.  In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family including mentoring his boys’ robotics team. 

Kelly Brewer

Program Advisor

Kelly has always had a passion for working with children. From a young age, she tried to persuade her parents to give her a younger sibling. When this did not work, she took babysitting classes and became a mother’s helper and a neighborhood babysitter. This joy of working with children led her to pursue a career as a Pediatric Nurse. She has been a Pediatric Nurse now for over 15 years, providing compassionate care to her patients and families. She has served on several committees through her work, developing procedures and processes to benefit the patients and families, nurses, and support staff. Kelly has 2 young boys she chases around in her spare time. Her favorite quote is by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “What lies behind us and before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” Kelly is excited to be involved with Camp Kindness Counts. She believes in helping kids find the empathy and kindness that lies within them. 

Pooja Kharkar

Program Advisor

Pooja Kharkar is a parent who is passionate about children's happiness and well-being.  She has been actively involved in her school PTA for a number of years, leads well-being initiatives with Project Cornerstone and is involved with supporting girls with Girls on the Run at her children's school. With a background in hospitality and travel, she has had the fortune to travel extensively and live in three different countries; India, Australia and America; and four different States within the USA. This has shaped who she is and helped her understand and build connections with wonderful people from all walks of life. She loves building community, and truly believe that it takes a village to raise a child. She loves what Camp Kindness Counts stands for and believe that the CKC programs will help parents and caring adults raise Kind kids, who are empathetic and connected to community.  Pooja finds purpose in working with an organization which values fostering kindness, strength and happiness in children while building community. A quintessential soccer mom, she loves spending her spare time cooking, reading and getting together with friends and family.  

Kavita Shah

Planning and Development Advisor

Kavita Shah is the kind of engineer who throws away the assembly instructions from a box of furniture before starting the building process because she likes the challenge of figuring out how to make things work on her own. Her approach makes her a perpetual kid, a forever student in the school of life — always ready to try something new at least once and incapable of ever fully growing up. In the world of grown-ups, Kavita helps develop semiconductor technology products, drive strategic technical and commercial engagements and manage global customers at Applied Materials. At Camp Kindness Counts, her mission is to help help kids cultivate positive playground interactions like sharing, caring, being respectful and practicing determination so that the younger generation can carry these values as part of their own exciting and fulfilling lives.


Sonia Porter

Program Coordinator

Sonia is an Environmental Engineer and mother of two.  Growing up in the Pacific Northwest instilled in her a passion for the environment.  Sonia has always found working with children very rewarding, whether it be volunteering in her children's classroom or during Sunday school at her church.  She finds joy in serving others.  Sonia became familiar with Camp Kindness Counts through the wonderful Kind World Explorers program at her children's school.  She is honored to be a part of Camp Kindness Counts.  She loves spending time with family, going to the movies, traveling and reading. 

Sharyn Routh

Program Coordinator

Sharyn has a lifelong passion for social justice, equity and inclusiveness. She has served as a public health educator in the Peace Corps in Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa and has worked in in international development consulting in Washington, DC. After completing a Master of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, she spent a year in Guinea as a Fulbright Scholar, designing and implementing a participatory research project with refugee young women. While her primary focus over the past several years has been her family, she has stayed engaged in helping create a kinder and more equitable world. She served on the Board of Directors for her childrens' co-op preschools in Bellevue and Redmond for a total of 3 years.  During the 2018-2019 school year, she led an  initiative at her son's elementary school in Sammamish to make PTSA programming inclusive of neurodiverse students, winning a gold level award of excellence from the Washington State PTA.  In addition to her MSW, Sharyn holds an MA in International Development from American University and a BA in Sociology from Grinnell College. She lives with her husband and children in Sammamish.

Kelsey Owen

Content Manager and Teacher

Kelsey is the queen of Girl Scouts.  As a member of the Girl Scouts for the past 10 years she has learned she loves leading and teaching the younger generations.  She teaches kids to develop values to guide their actions and enjoys participating in camps, community helping activities and fundraisers for the organization.   She wants to contribute to the improvement of society through her leadership skills and cooperation with others.  Kelsey has been inspiring kids at Camp Kindness Counts since we were founded in 2012!  She is a kid at heart and can easily put a smile on a child’s face.  Kelsey is studying to become a pediatric nurse and continues to focus on children's social and emotional development at CKC





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