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Dhaarmika Coelho

Founder & President

Dhaarmika Coelho is a parent, educator, philanthropist who has a great passion for child and community well-being. With a background in Elementary Education and Psychology, the past 20 years, her primary focus has been to empower children through character education, mindfulness and service learning. She is committed to supporting children's well-being and building a culture of kindness and compassion in schools and communities globally. Dhaarmika is excited to highlight the inner strengths in individuals and show kids how their thoughts, voices, and actions can make a positive difference in themselves and in the world! In her free time, Dhaarmika loves spending time with her family, hiking, traveling, dancing, and serving in the community.

khushbu Vyas.png

Khusbu Vyas

Board Secretary

Khushbu and her family have lived in Seattle for the past 11 years. She is a part-time Physical Therapist and mother to two young human beings. Khushbu has always been interested in what Camp Kindness Counts stands for and enjoys volunteering and helping others. The biggest reason for joining this amazing group of individuals is to give back to the community, something she and her parents do on a daily basis. Her ultimate end goal is instilling empathy, community outreach and compassion in her own family's life through volunteer work at Camp Kindness Counts.

Kim Beck picture.jpeg

Kim Beck

Board Outreach

Kim is a mother to three children and lives in Minneapolis. She has spent her career in healthcare and currently works as a Product Manager for Optum. She enjoys being active, traveling, spending time with her family, coffee (lots of it) and trying new foods. Kim joined Camp Kindness Counts because she believes in the philosophy and what the organization is trying to achieve. She wants to continuously strive to be a positive role model for her children and make an impact in the world. She believes positive acts of kindness are contagious which contributes to a more positive community. Taking part in acts of kindness boost physical and mental well-being and she wanted to be part of something that promotes that movement!


Kristin LeBlanc

Board Co-Treasurer

As a mother of three daughters, Kristin is passionate about raising kind human beings.  She believes that kindness is always the answer. After meeting Dhaarmika and hearing her story about how CKC came to be, Kristin knew she wanted to join the team. Kristin is originally from Las Vegas, NV, and attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  Kristin and her family have lived in the Seattle area for six years now and they absolutely love it. Kristin has 15 years of experience in public accounting and is excited to serve her community as a co-treasurer for CKC. In her free time, Kristin enjoys hot yoga, reading a good book, and listening to music (and singing at the top of her lungs). Kristin also loves coffee and people! 

Sarah Pallat

Community Relations

An elementary school teacher by training, Sarah has always been interested in bringing the community together, specifically in ways that will impact children and families.  Sarah teaches with the Bellevue School District and has been an active community volunteer in the Greater Seattle Area.  She passionately researches ways to implement kindness and compassion for others into her parenting and teaching.  When she discovered Camp Kindness Counts and involved her kids in the programs it became evident through what they were learning (and living) that it was making an impact in their lives.  Sarah found the experience to be unique, important, and something really special.  Sarah is grateful and excited to be on the board as a Community Relations member and to have the opportunity to spread compassion, kindness, and love to and for all.


Monica Rodriguez Wilson

Program Development and Fundraising 

Monica’s passion for teaching originated in experiences growing up as the youngest of nine children in a small farming community. There she witnessed the transformative power of learning in the lives of children raised within challenging economic circumstances. Her family survived poverty by picking grapes under extreme conditions in Central California. That experience fueled Monica’s conviction for teaching, one that led her to earn a Masters in Teaching degree from the University of Washington. Monica is also a National Board Certified teacher with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. She has been a classroom teacher since 2005, and prior to that, she taught in after-school Spanish programs for children. Monica believes that modern education ought to encompass more than just academics and that matters of the heart must be taken seriously and nurtured in young children. She has developed and implemented a curriculum centered on social-emotional development and mindfulness that teaches children about kindness and compassion. Monica credits her mother for making a lasting impression on her life. Her mother’s wisdom and kindness are qualities that Monica continues to emulate in her daily life. In her spare time, Monica enjoys spending time with her daughter and two dogs. Monica is thrilled to be part of the Camp Kindness Counts team. She is confident that children will find empowerment and joy through small acts of kindness that will make our world a better place. It’s by giving and receiving those acts that people’s hearts are changed. 


Sonal Bharghava

Youth Advisor

Sonal has called the Greater Seattle area home for almost 20 years. She used to work as an actuary with Safeco and currently works at Microsoft. She finds the mission of Camp Kindness Counts inspiring and values it as a channel for her to contribute to the community. Encouraging kids to find their own voice and instilling in them values of empathy and kindness is a very rewarding experience for her. In her office, she is involved with clubs focused on empowering women to achieve more. She is a very creative problem solver and loves to try new things. In her free time, she loves to read, travel, and spend time with her two teenage daughters.

Me pic 1.jpg


Youth Committee

Sonali is a 7th grader who loves baking/cooking, reading, math, and piano and violin. She joined the youth committee because she understands the importance of kindness and how much of an impact it can have on people’s lives. She believes that kindness can make the world a better and happier place. She has been involved with Camp Kindness Counts for a long time and really enjoys helping out!



Youth Committee

Vyakhya loves reading, baking, riding horses and robotics. She has been volunteering at Farrell-McWhirter park for the past two years and loves working with animals. She joined Camp Kindness Youth Committee because she saw how even the smallest act of kindness can impact people’s lives and she wanted to be part of spreading kindness in our world.

Nilay 5.png

Nilay Ravani

Financial Advisor

Nilay is a father of two who enjoys serving the youth in the community.  He believes in the mission of Camp Kindness Counts and its growing importance in today’s world. He hopes to share CKC’s message by contributing his financial expertise acquired at leading technology companies such as Intel, DemandTec, and IBM.  In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family including mentoring his boys’ robotics team. 


Kavita Shah

Strategic Planning and Development Advisor

Kavita Shah is the kind of engineer who throws away the assembly instructions from a box of furniture before starting the building process because she likes the challenge of figuring out how to make things work on her own. Her approach makes her a perpetual kid, a forever student in the school of life — always ready to try something new at least once and incapable of ever fully growing up. In the world of grown-ups, Kavita helps develop semiconductor technology products, drive strategic technical and commercial engagements, and manage global customers at Applied Materials. At Camp Kindness Counts, her mission is to help kids cultivate positive playground interactions like sharing, caring, being respectful, and practicing determination so that the younger generation can carry these values as part of their own exciting and fulfilling lives.


Kelsey Owen

Program Manager and Teacher  |

As a former member of the Girl Scouts, Kelsey has learned she loves leading and teaching the younger generations. Kelsey has been empowering kids at Camp Kindness Counts since we were founded in 2012! Currently, Kelsey helps to manage Camp Kindness Counts' camps and enrichment programs. She teaches kids how to develop values that help to guide their actions and enjoys contributing to service camps, service-learning opportunities, and enrichment for families. Kelsey contributes to the improvement of society through her leadership skills and collaboration with community partners. She is a kid at heart and can easily put a smile on a child’s face and heart.  

Aruna_Patil (2).jpg

Aruna Patil

Kindness Ambassador Program manager  |

A software engineer by profession, Aruna has always been interested in volunteering to make the world a better place, even if just by a little bit. She pursued a software career at Microsoft for close to 15 years and now actively volunteers with a few organizations in the Seattle area. Having two young boys of her own, she understands the value and impact of instilling kindness in our next generation. She met Dhaarmika, the founder of CKC, at a dance class and got interested in learning more about the organization. She started volunteering with CKC in 2020 by helping out at a youth camp, helping with data analysis and reporting, grant writing, and continues to help actively with the Youth Kindness Ambassador program. 

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