Recruiting Kindness Ambassadors

Calling on kids! We are recruiting youth Kindness Ambassadors ages 11-16!

Parents, is your child passionate about kindness, teaching others, and making a difference in our community? 


With guidance from our team and support from parents/caregivers, Kindness Ambassadors will start a Kind World Explorers club and lead character development and mindfulness activities for kids ages 5-10. We discovered, through research and evaluation, when individuals take the time to foster virtues such as gratitude or forgiveness in others, they build on their own strengths simultaneously.


  • We will provide training, curriculum, and support for all Kindness Ambassadors

  • We ask Parent/Caregiver to attend a virtual Character Strengths workshop to help them understand the value-add of this program and support their child better when they create their Kind World Explorer club

  • Kindness Ambassadors will find children to teach in their club with the support of their parent/caregiver

  • Kindness Ambassadors will commit to teaching 6-9 weekly 30-40-minute classes, depending on the age of the Kindness Ambassador  (youth 14 and up will teach 9 weekly classes)

  • Kindness Ambassadors can teach 3-12 elementary-aged students in their club

  • Classes can be virtual or in-person

  • Kindness Ambassadors can set their own weekly schedule

A Win Win!

For both the teacher and student, a social-emotional curriculum establishes a foundation for understanding and managing emotions, setting and achieving positive goals, developing empathy, maintaining positive relationships, and making responsible decisions (Murano, Sawyer, & Lipnevich, 2020). We are excited to provide an opportunity for continuous growth and learning for youth so that we can thrive as individuals and collectively as a community with courage, compassion, and kindness. We hope Kindness Ambassadors find joy in their journey of character development and their students gain life skills which will serve them and their community as they grow.


If your child is interested in participating this year, please apply below!

(If you are interested in starting a Kind World Explorers club with your 10 year old child, please feel free to email to learn more at