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Kindness Ambassadors

Want to build a kinder world?

Do you have a drive to make a difference in your community?  If you are a young person or an adult passionate about kindness, teaching others, and making the world a kinder place, we'd love to support you!  

We are here to support aspiring Kindness Ambassadors through free consultation, free curriculum/resources for Kind World Explorers club guidance, Kindness Camp, or Family Service Project, and online support whenever! Learn how you can get involved as a Kindness Ambassador below. 


Lead a Family Service Project in your community, focusing on the practice of a certain character trait through a specific community service activity. Typically a 1-2 hour-long event; an example could be a beach clean-up focusing on generosity (i.e. using your time to give the community a cleaner environment), or another idea you may have. Look to our 'Family Service Projects' page for examples!

Start a Kind World Explorers club virtually, at a nearby school, in your neighborhood, at your house of worship, or with friends you gather with regularly, using our Kind World Explorers curriculum. Our KWE clubs run typically for six weeks, with a weekly 45-minute meeting, where you can utilize lessons and planned activities from our own curriculum, focused on a series of character strengths, and help younger children develop their character as you grow your own leadership skills!

Run your own Kindness Camp, usually for 3-5 days, for around three or more hours each day! Whether you are running it small-scale solo or alongside friends, a Kindness Camp will bring a lot of fun to many kids' summers while supporting them in harnessing character strengths. Usually, each day will focus on a certain character strength, with activities structured around it (they can be your own and/or ideas we can provide you with). 

How to support youth Kindness Ambassadors

With the support of adult role models such as parents, caregivers, and school staff, youth Kindness Ambassadors are empowered to lead with kindness and  spread awareness about their efforts, whether a Family Service Project, KWE club, or Kindness Camp.

Spread awareness by sharing with:
  • elementary school PTA’s, teachers, and principals

  • social media platforms or online neighborhood groups (e.g. next door)

  • your neighborhood or nearby houses of worship (e.g. church or temple)

A Win Win!

For both the teacher and student, a social-emotional curriculum establishes a foundation for understanding and managing emotions, setting and achieving positive goals, developing empathy, maintaining positive relationships, and making responsible decisions (Murano, Sawyer, & Lipnevich, 2020). We are excited to provide an opportunity for continuous growth and learning for youth so that we can thrive as individuals and collectively as a community with courage, compassion, and kindness. We hope Kindness Ambassadors find joy in their journey of character development and their students gain life skills that will serve them and their community as they grow.


If you are interested in leading as a Kindness Ambassador, please complete the form below! 

 Please feel free to email to learn more at

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