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I recommend Camp Kindness Counts because we got to help people and I had this bright feeling inside.  I loved going to the animal shelter and I really like the counselors! I think another kids should go to Camp Kindness Counts because if they are sad, it makes you happier to do good things.


-Hunter T., age 9

Camp Kindness Counts was a blessing for my kids as it taught them that there are things and people around them who could use more help and helping can be fun!  They learned that kindness begins at home - that sowed the seed for me to take that lesson further. 


-Sangeetha, parent

I was so touched with the way Camp Kindness Counts ended up touching my kids' hearts.  To hear them speak, in detail, of their days and what they had done and how it touched them was a wonderful blessing.  I was impressed with the variety of places and people with whom my kids were able to interact and very impressed with the care with which the counselors ran the program.  Thank you for remind us that the world is much bigger than us, and how extremely blessed we truly are in a time when people are short of hope.  We look forward to camp next summer!!


-Olivia T., Parent

I would love to go to Camp Kindness Counts again next summer.  I would also love to be a counselor some day.  Camp Kindness Counts made me realize that every little things you do for the community counts.  When we were at the Humane Society, it made me feel great to know that I could do things to help.  I think other kids should do this because everybody at camp had a great time and you will too. 


-Erin T, age 11

I like Camp Kindness Counts because we get to help people. I think it is fun because they teach you how to be nice to the earth and every single thing on earth. That's why I like Camp Kindness Counts!


- Diya , age 9

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