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Kind World Explorers

Families Building Communities of Compassion

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In partnership with UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center, Camp Kindness Counts provides parents with research-informed resources to raise kind, resilient kids through our "Families Building Communities of Compassion" initiative.  Programming aims to help parents foster caring and courageous character in their children through character development, social emotional well-being and community development. We provide parents, caregivers and educator resources at our Family Service Events, Camps, Character Building Workshops, through a Speaker Series, on our website's character resource portal, and lastly through the Kind World Explorers™ resources addressed on this page.  There are 16 organizations partnering in Greater Good Science Center's global parenting initiative.

Kind World Explorers 


The Kind World Explorers guidebook provides parents, caregivers and educators with activities and example conversations to help foster 12 specific character strengths in children and their family unit:  Gratitude, Generosity, Forgiveness, Awareness, Authenticity, Compassion, Empathy, Love, Flexibility, Collaboration, Curiosity and Perseverance.  Character strengths such as Purpose, Humility and Reliability are also highlighted in the guidebook.  Each youth participant receives a Kind World Passport booklet to reflect in during their character development journey!  For groups implementing the Kind World Explorer curriculum, Camp Kindness Counts staff also conduct (optional) research-based character building workshops to complement the curriculum. Supportive resources can also be found on the Character Resource Portal.

Kind WORLD Explorers GUIDEBOOK  "activity book"


The Kind World Explorers guidebook is set up to develop 12 Character Strengths through three themes:






My World explores our connection to our self, and our ability to use our Character Strengths to take care of ourselves through self-awareness, emotional expression, and mindfulness activities.

Your World explores social connections -- sharing Character Strengths to connect with and make an impact on the experiences of others.


Our World explores global connections -- sharing Character Strengths with those we may never actually meet, but can make an impact on the experience of.

For each Character Strength, two activities will be presented for each theme.  Groups “complete” a Character Strength by completing one activity in each theme. Each guidebook contains activities related to three Character Strengths.

Kind World Passport

The Kind World Passport is used as a reflection tool for kids of classrooms or families using Kind World Explorers guidebooks!  As kids complete the activities, they will also take the time to reflect on what they did and how they felt in their Kind World Passports!  Kids can track progress and receive recognition in their Kind World Passport with a special "Achieved" sticker!

Character Building Parenting Workshop (optional)
In-person Character Building Parenting Workshops have been indefinitely postponed. We hope to soon have a virtual workshop for parents!

This workshop offers character development research, self-care, and parenting tools, as well as introduces parents to the notion of Kind World Explorers.


With the workshop, parents will:​

  1. Gain character development tools and self-care tools for challenges within themselves and with their children and friends

  2. Understand the methods and evidence of role modeling, inductive parenting, and global community engagement

  3. See Kind World Explorers guidebook as a means to foster character development in children while practicing and expanding ideas learned at the workshop

Who can use the Kind World Explorers resources?

Anyone, as long as you also keep it free! Parents, caregivers and educators can use this resource as they choose. Educators are welcome to use the activities as a learning resource to support social emotional learning and character development. Parents are welcome to start a Kind World Explorers club with their own family or gather some friends and set up a regular meeting time for activities. PTSAs, scouting organizations, homeschooling groups, houses of worship, or other parent-led organizations may also find the Kind World Explorers guidebooks to be a good fit to add to their programming. Your Kind World Explorers community is entirely yours to build!

More questions? Check out  Kind World Explorers FAQ page.

Lessons to support social emotional well-being
We are here to support school districts, teachers, parents and children.
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