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Can you have too much grit?

It’s an undisputed fact that achieving success takes perseverance, practice, and the ability to overcome obstacles. But it also requires knowing when it’s OK to give up. Learn more here.

Couple Running
How to Help Your Kids Learn to Stick with It

Research suggests that young kids can learn perseverance through pretend play. Learn how in this article.

Aspiring Pilot
The “Batman Effect”: Improving Perseverance in Young Children

This research report by Greater Good Science center discusses how kids can learn perseverance with data from their study.

kid superhero costume
How to Motivate Kids to Practice Hard Things

"Recent research can help us teach kids to practice the right way to reach their goals." Practicing perseverance can help build on our reliability. Read the article here.

Boy Playing Trombone
Superhero Motivation for Kids

Practice Superhero Motivation with this activity from GGSC.

Kids with Capes
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