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Maddi's Fridge

Maddi’s Fridge

by Lois Brandt

Summary: Sofia finds out her best friend Maddi has an empty fridge because of little money to buy food. Then Sofia sets out to find ways to help her friend.


  1. What did Sofia’s mom do when she heard about Maddi’s fridge? Did Luis add any food to their donations to Maddi? What character strength did Sofia and her family show when donating many groceries to Maddi’s family? A: Generosity, compassion

  2. Was Maddi a good friend to Sofia? How do you know? Was Sofia a good friend to Maddi? How do you know?

  3. When Sofia saved a burrito and milk for Maddi, did her friend had all of it? Why didn’t Maddi drink the milk?

  4. Was Luis happy to eat eggs or did he want something else for dinner? Would Maddi be happy to eat eggs? Why didn’t Sofia eat the eggs?

  5. Did Luis complain about his dinner? How do you think Maddi would feel if she could have fish for dinner? Why didn’t Sofia eat the fish?

  6. Why was Sofia shocked when she saw the inside of Maddi’s fridge? Was it very different from Sofia’s fridge? Why couldn’t Maddi’s family have more food in their fridge?

  7. Were there things that Sofia could do better than Maddi? How about vice-versa?


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