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Still A Family

Still A Family

by Brenda Sturgis


Despite living in separate shelters, this girl still considers that she has a family including her mom, dad and herself.


1) Discuss with your child(ren) what a shelter is.

2) Why does the girl live with mom separately from her dad? Why do you think some shelters are only for women and children?

3) Is a shelter a quiet place to live in?

4) (page 5,6) What does the girl miss from a regular place to live?

5) (pages 6, 11, 13,16) Does she love her dad? Does the girl miss living with both parents? How do you know?

6) Why do they need to eat at a soup kitchen?

7) How can the girl smile so much when she has so little? A: Gratitude!

8) Check out the websites to help end homelessness at the last page and suggestions on how to help on the page next to it (Author’s notes)!


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