Come With Me by Holly M. McGee

Come With Me

by Holly M. McGee


As the news tells and retells of anger and hatred, a little girl asks her parents what she can do to make the world a better place. As they show her what can be done, she understands that her part, as small as it may seem, matters to the world.


1) What bothers the little girl when she listens to the news on TV?

2) Do you ever watch the news? If yes, are you bothered by it in any way?

3) What motivates the little girl to learn more about the world, despite some fear generated by what she saw on TV? A: Curiosity!

4) What was the little girl really curious about? A: How to make the world a better place!

5) What does her dad show her about the world?

6) What does her mom show her about the world?

7) How does she decide to help out in the world?

8) As her uplifting drawings got bigger, more people came and made the area look really nice! Do you think the area would have still looked really beautified if the little girl had not started her drawing? Why?

9) As you can see, even one small act can make a big difference! What small acts could you choose to do today to make the world a better place?






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