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Building Resilience from the Inside Out: 
A resiliency workshop to build emotional awareness & change skills 


What to expect?

Blending the science and art of navigating human emotion and change, learn about key modalities including positive psychology, the neuroscience of resilience, stress and trauma, mindfulness practices and emotional intelligence and gain concrete tools to support you adapt and respond to life better - and by doing it - inform a next generation of self-aware, open-minded, and compassionate young people. 


The workshop is secular, inclusive and universal.


Why is it important?

This work is critical for all of us, and especially parents and caregivers, as it sparks personal (and profound) shifts at the individual level, and thus contributes to our collective community resiliency and impacts how our next generation will embody their own ways of being and how they show up in the world.



Thursday May 11, 2023 12pm-1pm PST

About the facilitator

Stefanie Tocco is a leadership educator and systems change catalyst, driving personal and collective transformation from the inside out across teams and communities. Stefanie leads workshops, peer groups and learning labs, rooted in awareness- based leadership practices and resiliency and founded Internal Beings, a community of practice for mothers to step into their role as leaders at home and in our communities.  She also published the ‘Ways of Being’ card deck, featured on Deckible, as a tool to make character skill-building simple and habitual for kids and families. 

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