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Kind World Explorer 

Filling out this form will help us understand who is interested in the resources we have developed and why! This information can be helpful to us in procuring partnerships and funds to sustain the work we do. Your information will stay internal to Camp Kindness Counts and not be shared with any other outside organization.  We will contact you in the future if more resources are available at that time or to ask you follow up survey questions so that we can continue improving upon the resources we are providing. You will be added to our mailing list but are welcome to unsubscribe at any time.

Our emails usually are found in your Spam folder, thus making it difficult to communicate with you if we have new offerings. By clicking "Yes!" entering your phone number below you are giving us permission to contact you by text or phone call if we not able to reach you by email. We will not share your phone number with any outside organization.
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These resources may not be used for any fee based purpose or program. If you would like to bring Kind World Explorers guidebooks to your fee based program or if you are a nonprofit, school district or house of worship interested in bringing this to the community you serve, please contact us directly at

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