Kindness Counts Challenge

Through the Kindness Counts Challenge, we are hoping to encourage organizations serving children and youth (PTSAs, youth groups, etc.) to connect kids to their community with kindness and make a difference.  We are challenging organizations to complete 2 kind actions any time between November 2019-February 2020.


Kind Action 1

Help collect tangible donations for or simply make thank you cards and spread awareness about a local non-profit organization. 


1. Choose a non-profit from our partnering list and we will provide an informational flyer about the organization to share.     See the partner list and sign up HERE ! 


If there is a local nonprofit you'd like to support which is not on the list, please let us know.  


2. Once you have collected donations (at your school, meeting space, etc.), Camp Kindness Counts staff will connect you with the non-profit you've chosen to coordinate donation drop off .  If your group will not be collecting donations this is also okay we appreciate your spreading the awareness about the nonprofit!


Kind Action 2

Dedicate a morning, day or week in your community towards kindness!  The activity you plan can be as simple as a morning of High 5's, sharing thank you cards with school staff, or making a bulletin board with kind messages!  We will also provide you with tips for parents that you can share in your newsletter or other communications.  






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