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1. Form a Kind World Explorers (KWE) club with your own family or by inviting other families to join. (up to 4 families maximum per club).


2. Assign someone in your group to be the Lead for your KWE club. The LEAD will make a payment on behalf of your KWE club. Other than this nothing different is involved in being a Lead, it simply helps us to place families in the correct KWE club!

3. You're all set!  We'll contact you and take care of the rest!

*Please note we recommend a caregiver from each family attend the club gatherings. If this is not possible all the times we understand, but one caregiver must be present for the club gatherings at all times and help support the children attending their club.

Please email us directly with any questions:

How to get started!

Happy Kids Huddle

Enrichment focusing on Character Development, Mindfulness, and Social Emotional Learning.

Camp Kindness Counts is a partner of

UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center.

Join us as we empower children to lead with compassion and courage in their daily lives. Children will learn through projects, games, and research based techniques.


Sign up for 3 classes at a time!

  • 3 classes (40 minutes each)

  • $80 (maximum of 4 families per club)

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