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CKC + Greater Good Parenting: Families Building Communities of Compassion

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new parent education initiative, made possible by the The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley's "Greater Good Parenting: Raising Caring, Courageous Kids" initiative, which is supported with funding from the John Templeton Foundation.

We are incredibly honored to partner with Greater Good Science Center in this global effort to provide parents with evidence-based tools to raise kind kids, and can't wait to share more compassion-based parenting tools with our community and partners' communities.

Our initiative, Families Building Communities of Compassion, will focus on three layers:

  • Kind World Project

Kind World Project focus on building positive character strengths in children and compassion in the home and community. Parent education workshops will be offered to those interested in starting a Kind World Explorer Club and/or want to gain positive parenting skills in alignment with the Kind World Explorer activity guidebook. Kind World Explorers will be hosted by a single family, groups of parents, community centers, houses of worship, schools, home-school communities, etc. across a wide range of socio-economic, racial, and cultural contexts. Families will meet with their club group regularly at a central, accessible location or rotating in each other’s homes, as was identified as preferable in our preliminary survey (which you are still welcome to contribute to!). In between meetings, families will focus on implementing what they are learning into their daily lives.

We are planning to launch Kind World Explorers in 2019. Please email any questions or comments regarding our programming to

  • Family Connections Portal - Multimedia Tools for Families and Educators

Multiple channels of resources will be offered via our website. In additional to a public page, families can access curriculum specific guidance and resources based on what program they are part of (Kind World Explorers Clubs, Camp, Kindness Challenge), in order to increase their ability to connect the content to parenting. Families can also submit stories and pictures from their experiences to be featured/shared with other families and on our social media platforms.

  • Expanding Parent Education in Existing Programming

By adding parent education components to two of our largest programs, we increase our capacity to help parents feel they have tools to raise kind, compassionate kids even after the programs are over which ensures that what children learn will be extended at home.

Programs that will see these parent education "upgrades" within the next 2 years include:

- Kindness Counts Challenge

- School Break Camps

- Family Service Days

Let's come together and build a culture of kindness in our communities!

We hope you'll join us in this journey. Look for more updates on these programs here on our website as well as on our Facebook page.

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