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Do the Dandiya: REGISTER NOW

Come join us in a family friendly evening of embracing cultural diversity and helping foster children and those experiencing homeless in our community! Immerse in Indian culture and join us in making soft lovie gifts for foster children and donating a snack packs to those experiencing homelessness in our community.​

Interested in trying some Indian Street Food? Intrigued to learn more about Bollywood and Indian folk dance? Enjoy Guilt Trips' amazing food with a twist and come early for FREE dance lessons while enjoying DJ Chaitu's tunes!​

WHEN: Saturday October 20th, 5:30 - 9:00pm

WHERE: Microsoft, Redmond -Bldg 36

WHO: Everyone!

WHY?: To support Camp Kindness Counts in empowering children to make a social and personal impact in our schools and communities as KIND leaders! We believe no child is too young to understand their power of kindness!

Every child who donates 1 or more snacks bag will be thanked with a surprise gift (one gift per child)! ​

Gallon Ziplock Snack Packs (please place items INSIDE the ziplock bag)

The snack pack can contain the following:​

2 granola bars

1 juice box or small water bottle

2 dried pre-packed food (nuts, crackers, pretzels, goldfish, raisins etc.)​

Thank you all so much for your support! When we come together, help one another and empower each other, we build strong communities of compassion.​With Gratitude,Team Camp Kindness Counts!​​

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