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November Family Service Report

We are so grateful to Pasado's Safe Haven for hosting an incredible Family Community Service day this month, and to the incredible families who joined us for this event! They worked together to make a difference in their community by learning about, sharing compassion with, and helping to take care of the animals that are living at Pasado's Safe Haven!

Pasado's Safe Haven is an incredible location organization:

- Every year they investigate/ process 200+ cases of animal cruelty and provide trainings to hundreds of law enforcement and animal control officers to improve the response to crimes against animals.

- Over 250 animals receive love and medical care at their sanctuary outside Seattle, until they find adoptive forever homes. Most of these animals were victims of cruelty or neglect.

- They've performed over 45,000 spay/neuters and distributed 120+ tons of donated pet food to low income families – reducing the number of homeless pets and unnecessary euthanasia.

- Every year they engage millions of people with online and sanctuary-based education and advocacy initiatives to reduce animal suffering and grow compassion.


We are so impressed with the kids' support of Pasado's amazing mission! No one is too young to be an agent of compassion!

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