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February Family Community Service Report

Our February family service event got us very busy packing all 140 bags that are sure to bring cheer to some women and children in need in our community! We gathered some nutritious granola bars and different types of candy in Valentine-themed bags. Next, we created thoughtful cards with pictures and stickers to add to those bags, to let the recipients know there are people out there who truly care for them! We had a conversation reflecting as a group on how we helped today and how we can help some more from home! We also discussed the character strengths shown by all the volunteers when doing this kind work. We specifically mentioned compassion, generosity, empathy, and gratitude! Speaking of gratitude, we are so very grateful that the owner of Redmond’s Maxwella Cafe shared their beautiful space with us, allowing us to put in our time and effort into this project in such a comfortable room! Kudos to all our volunteers, who now can be sure they helped bring a smile to 140 human beings, who will receive those Valentine bags on Valentine’s day! Way to help spread kindness, and make this world a better place! Those bags will be donated to women and children living in the YWCA Family Village, in Redmond. You can learn more about them here! But, wait! There’s more… Since we packed more bags than expected (we had aimed for 100 but finished 140), “extra” bags will be donated to a similar mission, The Sophia Way, in Bellevue. Their info can be found here ! Way to go, everyone!!!

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