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May Family Community Service Report

Our May Service Event was directed to collect items to donate to Eastside Baby Corner. The Bellevue YMCA was kind enough to allow us to use a room to make crafts, encouraging cards,and collect donations for children helped by the EBC. Together, we gathered items to help bring happiness to children we might never meet!

We had a conversation reflecting as a group on how we helped today and how we can help some more in the future! We also discussed the character strengths we admired among the members of our group when doing this kind of work, especially generosity. Based on leading research, one way to foster generosity is by helping kids understand why it is important. With this in mind, we talked about the needs of some children and families in our area; therefore the need for community service events such as this one.

Eastside Baby Corner offers opportunities year-round to show kindness towards children and their families in many different ways. Click here if you are interested in volunteering with them!

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