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How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids

How Full Is Your Bucket? For Kids

by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer


Felix realizes all of us have invisible buckets, that gets filled or emptied by every interaction he has. When it’s empty, we feel awful. When it’s full, we feel great. Then he realizes that filling someone else’s bucket also fills his own! It also points out how much easier it is to forgive when our buckets are full!


1) What types of things emptied Felix’s bucket?

2) What types of things filled his bucket?

3) What good deeds did Felix do for others? Did you notice both Felix’s and their friends’ buckets getting fuller with his good deeds?

4) Had you ever noticed that doing kind acts for others also make you feel good?

5) Do you think Felix forgave his sister for knocking down his tower, and also the dog for tearing that doll?

6) Do you think it is easier to forgive someone when your bucket is full or empty? Why?


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