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Those Shoes

Those Shoes

by Maribeth Boelts


Jeremy wants a pair of those shoes everyone seems to have but his grandma cannot afford them, Then he realizes that the things he has - warm boots, a loving grandmother, and a good friend - are worth more than things he wants.


1) Why did grandma say there was no room for ‘want’ there, just ‘need’?

2) When Jeremy’s shoes came apart, who brought him a new pair? Was wearing those shoes embarrassing for Jeremy? Did he have a choice?

3) How did Jeremy feel when many classmates made fun of his shoes? What character strength did Antonio show when he did not laugh at Jeremy? A: compassion

4) What did Jeremy do with the shoes from the thrift shop that were too small for him? Why did he choose Antonio? What character strength did Jeremy show by doing this? A: compassion, generosity.


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