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The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet!

The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet!

By Carmen Agra Deedy


The mayor of the noisy village of La Paz institutes new laws forbidding all singing, but a brave little rooster decides he must sing, despite the progressively severe punishments he receives for continuing to crow. The silenced populace, invigorated by the rooster’s bravery, ousts the tyrannical mayor and returns their city to its free and clamorous state.


1) (page 6) What would you do if lived in a very noisy place such as La Paz? How would you feel? How could you find peace without leaving the place?

2) (page 9) Do you think a mayor should prohibit people from singing? Do you know any song that helps you express your feelings?

3) How did the rooster show perseverance? What kept him wanting to sing? Was he able to find reasons to sing every day?

4) How do you think those things mentioned by the rooster - sunshine, his chicks and hen comforting him, corn to eat, etc. - made him feel? What are things you feel grateful for?


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