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The Lemonade Club by Patricia Polacco

The Lemonade Club

by Patricia Polacco


A fifth-grade teacher reminded her students every day that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Until things get tough for her and one of her students, but they persevere with support from the entire class.


1) (page 10) How do you think Marilyn felt when the three girls were teasing and bullying her while walking home after school? Do you think Traci knew how Marilyn felt? What would you have done if you were her best friend, Traci?

2) (page 14) How do you think Marilyn’s classmates felt when Miss Wichelman told them the reason for Marilyn being absent to school for a while? Who do you think missed her the most?

3) (page 20-21) Why did Marilyn feel like she couldn’t smile? When Marilyn thought that “no one knew how bad” she felt, her teacher said she knew. How could she know? What is the character strength that helps people have an idea about other people’s feelings? A: Empathy!

4) (page 23-26) How do you think Marilyn felt when all her classmates shaved their heads? Why was the teacher also bald?

5) How do you think Miss Wichelman’s students felt about their teacher even five years after being her students? Do you think there was more than happiness among what Traci, Marilyn and Miss Wichelman felt on her wedding day? Can you guess some other feelings they might have had then?


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