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The Quiltmaker’s Gift

 The Quiltmaker’s Gift

By Jeff Brumbeau

When a generous quiltmaker finally agrees to make a quilt for a greedy king but only under certain conditions, she causes him to undergo a change of heart.


 1) Why do you think the king celebrated his birthday twice a year? How did that make him feel?

 2) How did the king feel when donating his possessions? How do you think generosity feels for people receiving the gifts? And how does it feel for those giving?

 3) Would you be able to find any unwanted toys or clothes to donate to charity? How do you think donating items would make you feel?

 4) Is there a “quiltmaker” in your life? Someone who takes care of you and maybe even other people when they get sick?

 5) Did you notice that each page has a different quilt block?

Kindness Counts

Kindness Counts

By Bryan Smith

When Cade and his family find out their ice cream order was paid for by another patron, they continue paying it forward, and so starts the discussion of random acts of kindness. But when Cade’s dad would like Cade to donate some of his own toys, he has a hard time. Will Cade be able to learn the importance of being kind to others, even when it isn’t easy?


 1) What was Cade’s first try at an act of kindness  (page 9)? Did his dad think that was a random act of kindness?

 2) What did Cade decide to do at school to go above and beyond during recess  (page 12)?

 3) When Cade’s dad decides to take toys for donation, does Cade take that well?

 4) Did Cade think that by doing nice things for others we are supposed to expect things in return? Do you also think that way?

 5) What does Cade’s dad say he got in return for helping the guy in the truck who was cold  (page 26)?

 6) What character strength did Cade and his family show by doing all those acts (paying forward the ice cream, donating toys, buying a hot chocolate for the guy who was cold, etc.)? A: Generosity.

 7) Check out the tips for educators on page 31.

Three Ice Cream Cones
If you plant a seed

If You Plant a Seed

By Kadir Nelson

If you plant a carrot seed, a carrot will grow. But what happens if you plant a seed of selfishness? What will a seed of kindness bring?


 1)  (page 15-16) From the picture, it looks like the animals are arguing… Can you guess about what?

 2)  (page 19-20) Why do you think all the animals got dirty?

 3)  (page 22) How do you think the birds feel when the mouse decides to share his tomatoes? Which character strengths is the mouse showing by doing this? (answers: generosity, compassion, kindness)

 4)  (page 25-26) Are those seeds of kindness falling from the sky? What do you think will happen to those seeds?

Organic Carrots
A Chair For My Mother

A Chair for My Mother

By Vera B. Williams

A child, her waitress mother, and her grandmother save dimes to buy a comfortable armchair after all their furniture is lost in a fire.


 1) What does the child do with the money she gets from small jobs she does at the restaurant? How does more money get added to the jar?

 2) What is the girl saving money for? Why do they need that item? Do you think having a purpose to save money for helps it happen faster and have people work harder for it?

 3) What character strength is she showing with saving money for that? A: Compassion, generosity, kindness, love.

 4) When the girl’s family moved into a new apartment because of the fire, how did it go from empty to full of all sorts of things? What character strengths did those people show? A: Compassion, generosity, kindness, love.

 5) Did the girl keep her promise and used the jar full of coins to buy an armchair for their place? What character strength does that show in her? A: Integrity

 6) Did the girl share the armchair with the rest of her family? What character strength does that show? A: Generosity.

Orange Chair
I Know A Lady

I Know a Lady

By Charlotte Zolotow

Sally describes a loving and lovable old lady in her neighborhood, who grows flower, waves to children who pass her house, and bakes cookies for them at Christmas.


1) Can you name three things that the lady used to give others? 

 2) Can you name two things the lady gives that are not material (that you can’t buy with money)?

 3) Did she only help people she know? What other living beings did she also help?

 4) Why do you think that lady gave so many things to others? A: Generosity! 

 5) Why do you think that lady wanted to help others? A: Compassion, Compassionate Love, Love.

 6) How did the narrator feel appreciated by the lady, besides from cookies and flowers she got from her?

 7) How could you show appreciation to someone important in your life, without needing to buy anything?

Gardening Lesson
The Gardener

 The Gardener

By Sarah Stewart

 (Pre-4th gr) Lydia Grace stays with her Uncle Jim in the big gray city, where she initiates a gradual transformation, brightening the day for those who came across her.


1) Why do you think Uncle Jim never smiled?

2) In what ways did Lydia Grace show her generosity around the big gray city?

3) Do you think Lydia Grace’s generosity inspired the same in her uncle? Support your answer with an explanation.

 4) Do you think Uncle Jim was a different person from the time his niece arrived until the time when she left? Please explain.

Child Carrying Vegetables
 Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed

Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed

By Emily Pearson

A young girl’s good deed is multiplied as it is passed on by those who have been touched by the kindness of others.


1) Were all the gifts mentioned in the book material things you could keep or consume? What non-material gifts did you notice in the book? 

2) Are there other ways you can think of to spread kindness without material things?

3) Who do you think you could surprise with one of those kind acts today?

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