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Try and Stick With It

Try and Stick With It

By Cheri J. Meiners

Learn how important it is to keep trying and not give up. This book contains questions and activities.

Rope Ladder
Plant a kiss

Plant a Kiss

By Amy K. Rosenthal

One small act of love blooms into something bigger and more dazzling than Little Miss could have ever imagined in this epic journey about life, kindness, and giving.


1) (pages 7-8) “Sunshine, water, greet, repeat” - in regards to her actions, is there any difference from planting a kiss to planting a seed?

2) (pages 7-12) How can the girl be so patiently waiting for it to sprout? A: Patience, perseverance.

3) (page 13) What kind of plant sprouted? 

4) (page 20) Why didn’t the kids want the girl to share it?

5) (pages 22-29) Did she really run out of that “sparkly goodness” after sharing it with so many?

6) How else would you call that “sparkly goodness” that sprouted?

6) Do you think kindness ends when you share it with others?

Herb Plants
She Persisted Around the World

She Persisted Around the World  

By Chelsea Clinton

 A collection of short stories about 13 women who have shaped history all across the globe.

Non-fiction. Suggestion: Read and discuss each story, then make a list of all the quotes in the book to feel even more inspired!

World Peace
Bounce Back!

Bounce Back!

By Cheri J. Meiners

Foster perseverance, patience, and resilience in children with this unique, encouraging book. Young children learn thought processes and actions that are positive, realistic, and helpful for bouncing back. The book also helps children recognize people who can support them in times of difficulty. 

Questions & Activities on pages 32-35

Children Playing on Bouncy Castle
 Fly Away Home

Fly Away Home

By Eve Bunting

A homeless boy, who lives at the airport with his father, keeps moving from terminal to terminal while they try not to be noticed. The boy is given hope when he sees a trapped bird find its freedom.


1) Why does the boy and his dad try not to be noticed?

 2) Do you think it is comfortable to sleep in airports? How did they sleep?

 3) Why did a bird make the boy so happy? Do you think the boy also felt trapped inside the airport?

 4) Have the boy and his dad always been homeless? Does the boy think it is fair that they are homeless?

 5) Do you think the boy is tired of living at the airport? Do the boy and his dad ever give up on their dreams of having a place to live? What character strength do they show? A: Perseverance.

Flying Bird
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